Garden Rooms in Woking, Reigate and Surrey | Stunning Glass and Timber Garden Buildings

An orangery is similar to an extension in the fact it becomes part of the existing structure and some people will refer to one as a “garden room”. In our experience, we prefer to think of garden rooms differently. Surrey Orangery would best describe them as semi-glazed buildings but with tiled roofs instead of glass. This is just one of several differences between one of our bespoke orangeries and a garden room.

Surrey Orangery is an established orangery company with solid experience in the field of garden rooms. Located in East Horsley, we cover all surrounding Surrey areas including Guildford, Kingston, Reigate and Woking.

Garden rooms typically have a higher-than-average roofline with ample glazing and a choice of frames. A ‘glass’ garden building has more glazing than a timber garden room but will use aluminium framework. These builds have an exciting visual impact because the large vertical panes span to the apex. This floods the room with natural light to create an impression of space, and to emphasise the vaulted ceiling design.

Many of our customers opt for large timber doors, which open onto their outdoor space to provide an impressive view, natural ventilation and easy access between home and garden. You could say that our orangery company uses garden rooms as a way of bringing the inside and outside worlds together..

Garden Rooms | Stylish Space with Welcome Functionality

Building a garden room comes easy to Surrey Orangery, but the challenge lies in being sympathetic to the current architecture of Guildford, Kingston, Reigate and Woking homes, and to those in the surrounding areas. We provide more than just a build. We also offer inspiring design work, dedication to the job and an understanding of what you wish to achieve, all bought together by turnkey project management.

And, of course, how you use your garden room is up to you.

We design to make garden rooms true living spaces in every shape and form. Our orangery company sees a garden building as more than just an extension. We want your garden room to become a part of your home and a part of your life. The increase in property value that comes with a room addition is just another reinforcement of you making the right choice.urrey area. efficient.

If you would like to learn more about how you can add a bespoke Orangery to your home in Leatherhead, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide guidance and discuss your options.

Uses for a garden room include:

  • Extension of Living Space
  • Home Office Space
  • Art or Yoga Studio
  • Home Gymnasium
  • Gaming or Music Room
  • Reading and Study Room
  • Friend and Family Guestroom
  • Memorabilia and Collector Room
Garden Room in West Clandon

Garden Rooms as Home Offices

Since the turn of 2020 and the Coronavirus outbreak, a large number of commuters in the area have made the transition from travelling into Central London to working from home. Very few have dedicated space inside their properties to use as offices. The money saved on a season ticket from Guildford, Kingston, Reigate, Woking and other parts of Surrey could go at least some way towards covering the cost of a garden room.

A garden room is the perfect addition for anybody needing dedicated office space, particularly those with busy family lives who would welcome more peace, quiet and tranquillity.

We find that most of our customers eventually use orangeries as social space, either as an extension to a kitchen and for dining, or as family space where everybody can come together and relax. The technologies behind modern garden rooms make them particularly suitable for home office use. The welcome quiet that comes with one of our builds could go a long way towards making your work-from-home experience more productive.
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